Wright. is a Belgian label of feminine ready-to-wear, created by a Belgian family active in textile manufacturing for 3 generations, looking to translate their passion for exquisite materials and impeccable cuts into a product that is both luxurious and accessible. Every item is  thoughtfully created in our in-house atelier  by wrights and makers who blend 
time-honored craft skills with a contemporary design aesthetic.




Less, but excellent

We firmly believe quality comes before quantity. It is our mission to create a collection that is both contemporary and classical. All pieces have been made to last beyond trends and seasons, they will remain relevant throughout time and different occasions. We present 2 collections every year within a slower approach, hoping to optimize your Wright experience by consciously constructing our offer. 

—Designed for work within a slower approach


Confidence in fit and feel

We believe it is important to create a product that feels comfortable, which leads to you feeling confident. All pieces have been conceived  in a “dress up / dress down” approach, giving each look a dimension both dressed and totally relaxed. Voluntarily anti-cool and anti-bling, Wright. pieces are carved in an idea of elegance and utter comfort. All designs and fabrics are tested on usability, functionality and durability. 

Designed for work, play and everything in between


Women of the world

We like to think our pieces will add just that bit of extra to your confidence, wherever you’re from and wherever you go. Wright is the accomplice of global women, who are not afraid to move around and do it proudly. Our design philosophy stands above age, encourages diversity and seeks to unite all women of the world. 

Designed for women from everywhere, going anywhere