WRIGHT, the old English word for ‘craftsman’, is a Belgian quality label in women’s pret-à-porter, combining
the heritage of 3 generations’ craftmanship with modernity into unique pieces of affordable luxury.
Timeless essentials that build a wardrobe beyond seasons for confident women of the world.
The label will celebrate in 2021 its 5-year birthday and has developed a sales network of prestigious
boutiques in Belgium and internationally. New development projects focus on international growth,
profound B2B partnerships and B2C marketing.
We are looking for an all-round graphic designer to support our small team in both B2B and B2C marketing and in digital communication. 

Who are you? – Skills and Requirements

- You have a grade in digital marketing, communications, graphic design or photography.
- You are digitally savvy and know your way in Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Google
analytics, SEO, SEA… as well as in websites build-up and operatings
- You are a storyteller, especially visually and graphically.
- You know photography, you know video, you can edit and retouch, and you are good at it
- You know about typos and layouts.
- You know about technical requirements for documents, both digital and offline.
- You master Illustrator; PhotoShop, or InDesign, maybe also Canvas.
- You have experience in working in websites and social media tools platforms, example Wix,
Lightspeed, Shopify, CoSchedule, Preview.
- You have a strong affinity with fashion and brands, and understand codes and trends. 
- You adopt a strong communicative commercial style when digitally dialoguing with customers
- You have an eye for beauty and esthetics, you get inspired, and you inspire by this.
 - You are reliable, detail-minded and conscientious. You handle a high quality level. 
- You are fluent in English
- You are hands-on and show iniative.

What will you do? – The Job content

- You’ll work with our team on the preparations and contents for our social media accounts
- You’ll be putting to practice all of your marketing digital technical skills on digital optimization
- You’ll air fresh ideas and create the best digital marketing communication contents
- You’ll create amazing graphic sales support documents such as catalogs, mailings, line sheets
- You’ll create great fashion design collection documents such as prints, overview documents
- You’ll assist to the brand’s official photoshoots and videos
- You’ll make professional photos and videos yourself, esp. digital content creation
- You’ll do photo and video editing and retouches
- You’ll work on uploading content, photos and info into our digital, e-commerce and sales orders IT
- You’ll work against constant deadlines and a strict marketing calendar
- You’ll work in constant MiniMax modus: small budget creativity for maximum impact

What do we offer you? –  Our context

- You get the chance to work behind the doors of a high fashion label in full expansion
- You get to be involved in many exciting new projects
- We offer you a flexible way of collaboration: working from home, flexible office hours.
- You will work with a passionate team
- Our offices are based in the neighborhood of Ghent.
- Collaboration on freelance basis, peaks according to our fashion calendar.

Interested? Contact [email protected]