Take it slow, do it (W)right.

Feeling good in your clothes is not just how these feel on your skin and body, or what they do for your appearance and confidence, but now more than ever it is also the feeling and reassurance that you are doing good for the planet and the people.


The Belgian label Wright guides you to a positive and conscious build-up of your wardrobe with staples that are easy to combine across the seasons. Evergreens such as a beautiful poplin white shirt or a fluid silk blouse, a comfortable pair of trousers, or a versatile trench coat form building blocks of your dressing to wear endlessly from season to season. This creates calm and strength in your wardrobe, yet above all it is a nice gesture towards society and the next generations, to create less fast-fashion textile waste. Did you know that a good rule of thumb for a conscious fashion purchase is to consider wearing a piece at least 30 times? With Wright, dressing up/down according to your taste is no effort at all.

Love and care for the craft

The design and production of your favorite piece are ensured with the greatest care at Wright. As 3rd generation garment makers, our standards of quality and our love for craftsmanship are paramount, and our whole chain is geared to that. Each season a hand-picked choice of fabrics is worked with, partnering up exclusively with family-owned weaving mills in Italy and Portugal, of which both the quality of goods and the working conditions are impeccable.

Everything starts at the source

We apply a strong focus on working as much as possible with natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool to minimize the plastic soup in nature. When polyester or polyamide is added to blends, this is to further strengthen these natural fibers with an objective to obtain an even longer product life cycle. Evidently, all of our fabrics comply with the strict requirements of REACH regulations, ensuring that there are no harmful components in the products, not even in accessories
or buttons.

A substantial part of Wright fabrics are now based on bio-, organic or recycled fibers, and we voluntarily want to increase this share each season. Some figures? The Summer 21 collection has been produced for 40% with recycled fibers or FSC-approved fibers. Another 30% of this summer’s pieces are made from pure&naturally sourced fibers such as 100% cotton, silk, and linen. New material developments, sustainability reports, and innovations related to recycling possibilities and environmentally friendly cultivation are closely monitored.

Working conditions

As a Belgian company with our own ateliers in Europe, specifically in North Macedonia and Romania, Wright ensures that the manufacturing of your garment happens in the best possible and comfortable working conditions. In cooperation with Belgian management, a stimulating culture of local autonomy and responsibility is promoted on-site. This adds up to a very pleasant working atmosphere for our teams. The pride and passion of these makers and seamstresses can be felt in the finished clothing artifacts, giving you that extra dose of feel-good!



Wright wants to take up a proactive role to inform in the most transparent way about our design and manufacturing process. Starting this summer 2021, you can scan a simple QR-code – incidentally developed by a Belgian startup - of your favorite piece, and find out all information on fabric and composition, as well as track down each of the steps of the entire production cycle for that specific garment, and when and where it took place. Wright wants to underline the respect for the makers of a garment and motivate you to make a positive and ethical choice for slow fashion. Do you know how many steps it takes to get to your finished dress or jacket?


Ecological footprint

Caring for the planet comes down to a lot of little things. To limit our ecological footprint, Wright collaborates locally with nearby partners for trims, accessories, and packaging; we make an effort to group the transports of fabrics to our ateliers in order to keep the kilometer-CO2 in check; in the ateliers, extra attention is given to a general reduction of our energy consumption and to use sustainable energy sources. Each of our employees is actively and consciously coached in environmental awareness.

Wright collections are organized in such a way that a maximum of only 2 drops - and thus a maximum of 2 types of transport - per season are needed to deliver to shops.



Do you know that, currently, about 90% of all clothing is thrown away when not needed anymore? Wright is actively seeking to reduce clothing waste. Our production quantities are calculated and aimed at having as few leftovers as possible, in order not to create excess garment waste in our production cycle. A range of essentials ensures that the finest pieces are also available in your favorite boutique across the seasons. For the consumer, Wright's timeless elegance offers the possibility to enjoy your garment for years. Or to make someone else very happy with it as a preloved item.


With an eye to the future!

We believe we can always do better. For Wright, the next sustainability action plans focus on improving the recyclability of packaging in the entire chain, from hangtag to outer box, and the resolute switch to recycled paper for as many communication tools as possible. With Wright, we go for beauty in all its aspects. Please join us.